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Disinfection Services

There is much to learn about the novel coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Service Overview

Disinfection Services Abu Dhabi

There is much to learn about the novel coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Based on what is currently known about the novel coronavirus and similar coronaviruses that cause SARS and MERS, spread from person to person with these viruses happens most frequently among close contacts (within about 6 feet). This type of transmission occurs via respiratory droplets. On the other hand, the transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented. Transmission of coronavirus occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through fomites. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.   So We Asia Cleaning Services as a cleaning company we are very much needed at this time. And we are introducing our scope of work, that is,  Disinfection of Commercial and Residential Areas. Our Disinfection will be:
  • Safe for use on treated articles, HVAC Ducts, carpeting, fabrics, flooring and frequently touched surfaces no need to rinse or wipe off.
  • Effective at removing blood stains and other body fluids.
  • Food contact sanitizer-no rinse required.
  • Mould and mildew killer
  • Allergen eliminator
  • Odour eliminator
  • Soft surface sanitizer.
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