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AC Duct Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing the AC duct system will improve the air we breathe and reduce the allergens which causes variety of ailments and illnesses

Service Overview

We understand that air conditioners are an integral part of your indoor comfort, especially in a hot and dry region like the UAE. Cleaning and sanitizing the AC duct system is critical for healthy indoor air quality and will enhance the air you breathe by eliminating allergens that cause a range of illnesses and disorders.

Services we offer!

We at Asia Cleaning Services offer the best AC duct system cleaning and sanitization services in Abu Dhabi, comprising a team of highly skilled cleaning officials who employ professional products and techniques to properly clean your AC duct system.



Why should we clean the AC ducts?

You could think about having your air ducts cleaned because they would become dirty over time and thus getting them cleaned on a regular basis is advisable. Pollutants enter the home through both outside and inside activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking, and so on, causing impurities to build up in the AC ducts.

When should we clean the AC ducts?

There are several things you need to observe in order to decide when to get the AC ducts cleaned. You should consider cleaning the ducts if:
  • Inside hard surface ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system, there is significant visible mold growth.
  • Vermin, such as insects or rodents have infected the ducts.
  • Excessive levels of dust and debris are clogging the ducts, and/or particles are being released into the home through your supply registers.

What does AC duct cleaning involve?

AC duct cleaning professionals utilize specialized equipment to loosen dirt and debris from the system, which is then properly washed away with a complete sanitizing process. They'll next replace the air filter and run a final system test to confirm everything is working properly again.

What are the benefits of AC duct cleaning?

Apart from health benefits, cleaning the AC duct system components can help your air conditioning system run more efficiently, resulting in longer system life and lower energy and maintenance costs.
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